Baobab powder

Baobab fruit powder is traditionally eaten throughout Africa by thousands of people. It’s an astonishingly nutrient dense food that provides vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibre and boasts a range of health benefits.

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It’s 100% raw, natural and organic, minimally processed so retaining all its nutrients, plant-based with no added sugar and is naturally gluten-free.

Baobab Fruit
Nutritional value per 24g serving (4 Tbs) Nutritional Table Nutritional Table

With its impressive nutritional profile of bio-available nutrients, baobab powder is suitable for vegans, and has been certified Halal and Kosher.

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Health benefits

Immune Boosting

Baobab is rich in Vitamin C, vital for the support for your immune system. Vitamin C is an essential vitamin that our bodies can’t produce which is why it needs to be replenished daily, keeping you strong and healthy by giving your defences a boost against disease and infection.

immune booster

Good Gut Health

Baobab has extremely high soluble and insoluble dietary fibre content. Both these fibres are very important for your gut health. Soluble dietary fibres stimulate the growth of intestinal microflora necessary for good digestion, allowing you to absorb more nutrients from your food. The insoluble fibre in baobab powder provides the roughage necessary for the movement of food through your gastrointestinal tract.

good gut health

Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Baobab has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar especially when consuming high-starch foods such as bread and pap. It’s rich in polyphenols and just a few tablespoons can help manage blood sugar levels. Mix a tablespoon of baobab powder with water or milk and drink this with your meal. You can also add baobab powder to fruit juices to help slow down the release of sugar into your blood.

No added sugar

Slow Release Energy

Baobab powder is a valuable supplement for long-distance and endurance athletes. Not only does Vitamin C help boost immunity, it also helps to slow the release of energy from food, reducing tiredness and fatigue and supporting a healthy metabolism.

Slow release energy

Increases Satiety and Weight Loss

Adding baobab to certain foods can help reduce feelings of hunger, allowing you to feel fuller more quickly and thus reducing the amount of food you eat. Just mix a tablespoon of baobab powder into a paste, then add water or milk to make a quick satisfying drink. You’ll already feel full before you have eaten your meal!

Weight loss no sugar

Boosts Natural Vitality

Baobab powder is a great revitaliser! Containing good quantities of bioavailable vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, you’re packing a great nutritional boost in just a few tablespoons of baobab powder. Add it to your recovery drink after a workout or smoothie for breakfast.



Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and antioxidant and baobab powder has one of the highest vitamin C contents of any fruit, offering nearly four times more than an orange. It also has one of the highest antioxidant ratings. Because vitamin C can’t be stored in our bodies, it’s necessary to consume it on a daily basis. Baobab powder provides your daily vitamin C boost.

vitamin c


Magnesium is required for over 350 essential biochemical reactions and is necessary for energy metabolism, muscle and heart function, a healthy nervous system and bone density. Baobab is an excellent source of magnesium as it contains twice as much magnesium as dark leafy greens.



As a mineral, potassium works towards maintaining healthy muscle function and as an electrolyte, it assists in regulating blood pH, blood pressure, conducting nerve impulses and much more. Baobab powder contains six times as much potassium as a banana.



One of baobab’s greatest gifts is that it’s possibly the richest plant-based source of calcium known, containing almost 4 times the amount of calcium in milk, making it an excellent source of calcium for everyone, but especially children, vegans, pregnant and post-menopausal women.



Iron promotes increased energy, athletic performance and the proper function of haemoglobin, needed to transport oxygen in the blood. Baobab has almost twice as much iron as spinach and slightly more than meat. Vitamin C is known to enhance the absorption of iron, and the presence of Vitamin C and iron in baobab makes this an exceptionally rich source of bioavailable iron.

Our Mission

Through the production of BaoActive products, it is our mission to provide our customers with the finest, most nutritious baobab powder possible, manufactured under strict HACCP and FSCC 22000 protocols with organic certification. Our mission prioritises making a meaningful contribution to the livelihoods of rural people in Venda as well as to the conservation of baobab trees.

We provide ongoing support to the Baobab Foundation who work with pre-schools, tree planting, environmental education and ecological research of baobab trees.

Lydia Goma is one of our harvesters and Baobab tree Guardians

Where is our Baobab Powder From?

Our baobab powder is locally sourced.

Baobab powder comes from the baobab tree fruit pod. Did you know it can take a baobab tree up to 200 years before it produces its first hard, green-brown velvety pod-shaped fruit? We get our baobab fruit powder from EcoProducts, a South African company based in the Limpopo, the heart of baobab country.

Locally Sourced

They work closely with over 500 rural Venda women, providing them with an income to support their livelihoods. Only 10% of the fallen fruit is harvested, ensuring no trees are damaged in the harvesting process, nor is their ecology disturbed in any way.

EcoProducts sells baobab powder in bulk, so if you want a few tons, or want to start up your own brand, give them a shout.

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